The Journey of Kevin Hoff

Kevin Hoff is an American innovator and businessman who has spent the last two decades creating and sharing business solutions and strategies in boardrooms from New York City to Shanghai, China.

After beginning career in real estate development, Kevin began recognizing opportunities for change in the auto industry as well. Learning all he could, he plowed his way through 70 hour weeks and weekends, delivering value at the highest level, processing more than $200 million in sales, building the momentum for a paradigm shift in the car-buying experience. Kevin is always first to find ways to create value, such as when he designed a new way to share Volvo’s Overseas Delivery Program through, illuminating a new era in the auto purchasing experience.  Kevin is all about delivering a valuable experience-not just a product.

Most recently Kevin co-founded Eligible, the first insurance-backed vehicle repair subscription that firmly returns vehicle owners control over their time and repair experience.

From missteps to mass success and back, Kevin Hoff knows you can make it alone, but proves it’s much easier and a lot more fun when you do it together. And when you’re deciding who you want on your side, it’s best to pick someone who never quits. KEVIN HOFF NEVER QUITS!

Kevin hoff

The Rise

As an American innovator and entrepreneur, Kevin is no stranger to adversity, triumph, and good, old-fashioned hard work. At a young age, he earned quite a reputation for problem-solving, strategically aligning himself with strong mentors who challenged him to think differently.

The Flight

Imaginative and relentless, Kevin captured the Dallas real estate market early on. Finessing an untapped niche and baffling the old guard, he got his first taste of success and wanted more. Endless days, sleepless nights, back-breaking dedication got him just that, but at what cost?

The Phoenix

As his health suffered, relationships crumbled, and everything he worked so hard for slipped away, Kevin wondered where he went wrong. The short answer? Self-service may get you rich quick, but real prosperity happens when you serve others.

Broke and powerless, Kevin was free to start over. With a revived focus, he now dedicates his days to changing lives—developing a dedicated team, building value for others, and nurturing healthy relationships in the process. Kevin has partnered with an automotive industry leader to provide more value and meaningful services to automotive buyers nationwide, and is using his own story and thousands of hours of experience to help you have the best ownership experience possible. Kevin knows first-hand that perseverance and dedication do in fact pay off  – good things come when you lean in and QUIT NEVER!

With the Quit Never Project Kevin shares his ideas and experiences to help others grow, with less growing pains! He’s not a guru, life coach, or mentor, he’s just a guy who knows we’re better together and delivering value at the highest level is success.

A Legacy Built Together

Are you ready to do more, be better, more successful? All you’ve got to do is follow along, lean in and subscribe to this project. Kevin Hoff did it alone, but you don’t have to!

Kevin hoff

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